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Young, creative, conceptual, inspired — Lady Drewniak has shed the chrysalis of mere photography to flourish as a compelling visual communicator. Poised at the crossroad of sophistication and swag, she’s ferociously building a reputation as a versatile and sought-after talent.

As a personality and a photographer, Lady Drewniak is a chameleon, adapting her skills to thrive in any situation. She brings cunning street smarts to corporate events, unyielding precision to art and music festivals, deft touches to bold campaigns, and she can glam up, sex down, emblazon or bleed as required.

With experience informing intuition and vice versa, Lady Drewniak can read a room’s flow, capturing movements and expressions that are ever in flux. Her mind’s eye is as keen as her lens, whether enriching an already established brand, or aiding the strategic development of emerging ones.


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