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Old world.
New tech.

What have we learned from history? History gives us perspective. It allows us to learn from our mistakes and celebrate what we’ve accomplished.

For the sustainable Edo Era Tribute pack let’s bring the vibrant culture, history and colour of Tokyo to the audience outside of Japan while celebrating Tokyo’s history of sustainable practice.

The Edo Era Tribute Pack is the first opportunity in 2020 to introduce ASICS’ sustainability commitment in a larger scale that is switching virgin polyester in shoe uppers and sportswear products to 100% recycled polyester (recycled PET bottles). To celebrate Tokyo’s vibrancy and create a juxtaposition against the Edo era, the visual concept is built from street photography in Tokyo of textures, lines, shapes and street scenes that take the viewer on a journey from Old World Tokyo to Modern Tokyo.

Imagery that features elements from traditional settings both internal and external form the base of a collage or patchwork of the modern city built from historic tradition. Inspired by the pavements we run on, the natural beauty of parks and gardens we walk through and the journey of the city flaneur, these images are the production of the inner city runner or traveler who is stimulated by all they see around them.

They are overlaid with a jubilant and celebratory splash of colour that link back to the colours on the products and the Edo Moji script artwork that is present in the design features as a graphic device within the lockup. The shoe collection is photographed in a way that alludes to the celebration, floating in different positions as if thrown up into the air. This allows the viewer to see the different features of the individual models of the shoes within one visual. As all shoes within the range have separate features that are located differently, these angles are considered for each model featured.

Deliverables included
Creative Platform
Visual Concepts & Messaging Hierarchy
Press Release
Hero Film & Social Cutdowns
Key Visuals
Digital Advertising Assets for 5 continents
Digital Toolkit
Social Copy Matrix


We traveled to Tokyo for the shoot & and covered 14 locations in 2 days.
There is definitely no video evidence of the clients & crew singing karaoke in Shibuya until 4am anywhere on the internet.

Client: ASICS
Global Marketing Social & PR: Ayaka Hoshino
Creative & Production: Chisel
Written & Directed by Pat Sidoti & Zak Kaczmarek
Creative Team: Nick Snelling & Mike Witcombe
Executive Producer: Steve Castrisos
DP: George Tyler
1AC: Sky Dominic
Producers: Isabelle Seeto & Jessica Campbell
Photographers: Bret Hemmings & Zak Kaczmarek
Art Director/Designer: Mike Witcombe
Local Fixer: Mr +Positive



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