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How can we motivate a new generation of football players?

By giving them footsteps to follow.

“We were made to play footy and these footy boots are made for me.”

In recognition of the growing rate of women’s football across Australia, ASICS introduced the Lethal Tigreor IT FF to the market. Our goal was to motivate junior and senior female footy players across all codes. We created the campaign ‘Made for Me,’ which features some of the country’s strongest professional female athletes to inspire the next generation.

Until now, female footballers have had little choice but to play in men’s or unisex boots. The new ASICS Lethal Tigreor IT FF offers women a boot that has been designed specifically for a female foot. It provides a fuller glove-like-fit, reduced heel slippage and increased comfort to give female players competitive edge.

“It’s so great to see ASICS championing women’s football in developing a boot for females. Australian women in sport have accomplished so much and it’s exciting to head into a new decade where females are able to create their own identity and success without fitting into male athlete’s shoes – figuratively and literally”

Charlotte Caslick

Australian Rugby Sevens player & ASICS ambassador.

“The Lethal Tigreor IT FF has been designed to fit the shape and contours of the female foot, offering women superior support and comfort on the field. ASICS has a long tradition of supporting women in sport; we are proud of this development and are inspired by watching female footballers pave the way for future generations.”

Mark Brunton

Managing Director, ASICS Oceania

Brand: ASICS Oceania
GM Marketing: Simone Bushnell
Sports Marketing Manager: Kate Vili
Integrated Marketing Manager: Natalie Gerasimoski
Creative: Chisel
Production Company: Chisel
Directed by Pat Sidoti & Zak Kaczmarek
Written by Zak Kaczmarek
DP: George Tyler
1AC: Sky Dominic
Producer: Isabelle Seeto
Photographer: Zak Kaczmarek
Post Producer: Pat Sidoti
Edit: Tim Pass
Sound Design: Dec Diacono
PR Agency: Lampoon Group


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