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How do we engage the next generation of lifetime members?

By celebrating the brand new stadium experience and youthful culture of Western Sydney.

We created a narrative, following the journey of a pumped-up and youthful WSW fan as he spread the word that the team and the stadium were ready to rock the new season.

Featuring members of a western Sydney based street football crew, some youth players and fans, and local hip hop artist B-Wise, we intended the spot to be a celebration of everything football is to Western Sydney fans off the pitch as much on the pitch. Connecting with the players via social media, getting up close with them at events, listening to mad beats, and rushing to get a park in Parramatta before walking arm in arm singing before every match. We’re Back!

Creative: Chisel
Production Company: Chisel
Written & Directed by Zak Kaczmarek & Pat Sidoti
Producers: Isabelle Seeto & Hannah Sidoti
DOP: Leo Townsend
1AC: Sky Dominic
Gaffer: Matt Willis
Art Director: Natalie Gatt
Edit: Chisel


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