COVID-19 Protocol & Guidelines

COVID-19 Overview.

In the current global climate with the outbreak of COVID-19, Chisel Productions are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for our clients, crew, cast, and suppliers. We have implemented procedures and guidelines to be followed during all stages of productions of any scale, to ensure the health and safety of those involved, while still delivering great work.

Client Meetings.

Client and pre-production meetings will be conducted online via video.

Locations & Recces.

Location scouting will be coordinated remotely. Where a recce is required, only essential crew may attend with social distancing measures being adhered to. Considerations for the general public will be taken into account when selecting exterior locations. Interior locations will ultimately dictate smaller crews to ensure that proper social distancing can be maintained at all times.


Casting when required is to be conducted remotely, via self tapes and any rehearsals online via video.

Working with Children.

As of March 2020, the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian has stated that no child under the age of 12 weeks is to be employed at this time. Children on set between the ages of 12 weeks and 3 years will require a nurse on set. As the situation surrounding COVID-19 develops, stricter measures may be introduced.

Prior to Shoot Day.

All confirmed crew and talent will be required to keep in touch with the Producer in the lead up to the shoot day and notify them of any close contact cases that have developed or changes in their health.
A copy of Chisel’s procedures and protocols will be distributed prior.The Producer must be notified immediately if an individual is not well and they must not come to set.

All who appear on set must sign a Chisel COVID-19 Declaration that confirms, at the time of signature, that the individual is not experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19, to their best of their knowledge has not been in contact with any individuals who have the virus, or is a close contact of an individual with an outstanding test result.

While On Set.

While on set, our priority is the health and safety of all those involved. It is imperative that all crew, cast and clients adhere to the below protocols and share the responsibility of ensuring a safe and positive working environment.

All department heads and members are responsible for their own set ups and handling of equipment. When possible, set ups will be staggered by department to limit the number of people bumping in at each time.

Crew are encouraged to wear gloves and masks on set when possible and if comfortable, and are responsible for sanitising their own kits before and after each shoot.

Clients are encouraged not to come to set. When possible, a live feed will be set up instead.

Additional Measures.

Prior to the shoot day, production will ensure that the location has been cleaned thoroughly to ensure a safe workspace.

  1. No call sheets or documents will be printed and distributed.
  2. Safety induction is to be held at the beginning of the day.
  3. Protocol reminders will be printed and placed around the workspace.
  4. Hard surfaces (counters, light switches, door handles) to be wiped down throughout the day

On Set Protocols.

  • 1.5m distance is to be maintained at all times on set between each individual.
  • Hand Washing & Sanitising – hands to be washed upon arrival, regularly throughout the day and before and after meals and bathroom breaks. Hands are to be washed with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your face, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth areas.
  • Respiratory Etiquette -coughs and sneezes to be covered with a tissue and disposed of immediately. When a tissue is not readily available, cough or sneeze into your elbow. Hands are to be washed and/or sanitised afterwards.
  • No physical contact – shaking hands, hugging etc.
  • Surfaces (table tops and door handles) to be disinfected regularly. Crew are encouraged to be conscious of these surfaces and sanitised regularly.
  • If anyone on set feels unwell throughout the day, a member of the production team must be notified immediately.

Camera Department.

A video village will be set up for clients on set, separate from the production crew. All equipment is to be handled by the camera department only. Individual monitors will be required so that members of the crew can maintain a 1.5m distance between them. Hard drives to be managed by the AC, disinfected prior to use, and again when handed over at the end of the day.

Wardrobe & Props.

Where possible, talent will bring and provide their own wardrobe. The stylist and/or props team will make sure any wardrobe is cleaned prior to shoot. Mask and gloves are to be worn on shoot day to manage the handling of props, ensuring that any hard props will be disinfected before and after handling.


When possible, talent will be asked to complete their own make up. If a make up artist is required, they are to wear a mask when completing talent’s make up.


  • Food will be prepared and delivered by a professional supplier.
  • No communicate snacks will be provided and wills will only be served from a shared platter by a designated server.
  • Individual packed meals will be arranged when possible.
  • Breaks are to be conducted with social distancing measures still in place.
  • No keep cups on set. Each individual is to be responsible for disposing their own cups and water bottles.


After all productions, cast and crew are required to keep the Producer informed with any developments of their health. The Producer will be in contact with all those employed on the production and notify them immediately, should any incidences of COVID-19 appear in the 14 days following a shoot.

Post production and client approvals will be managed by the Chisel team and engaged suppliers remotely.