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What if running is proven to make people feel vibrant, re-energised, and in a brighter mood?

FEEL BRIGHTER is an aspirational message that has a double meaning, speaking directly to the consumer benefit from the LITE-SHOW™ collection’s product features.

We can expand out the creative platform to work in two ways. Both engaging and amplifying that running has mental and health benefits that increase a feeling of happiness and also directly talk to the consumers about the colourful and reflective features of the products. Our creative concept plays on the idea that road users can only see the bright, bold, and vibrant colours, reflective and luminescent footwear, and nothing else.


Deliverables included
Creative Platform
Messaging Hierarchy
Campaign Toolkit
Digital Assets
Animations, gifs & cinemagraphs
Key Visuals
Product Photography
Social Copy


Client: ASICS
Global Category Marketing: Natsumi Sata
Creative & Production: Chisel
Creative Team: Mike Witcombe, Zak Kaczmarek & Pat Sidoti
Producer: Isabelle Seeto
Photographer: Brett Hemmings
Design: Mike Witcombe
Copywriter: Zak Kaczmarek
DP: Leo Townsend
1AC: Reece McMillan
Post: Chisel

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