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Sometimes being a footy fan can be painful.

What if Wanderers fans were not Grumpy because of their team’s performance on the pitch, but because alike a lot of Aussies suffer from back and muscle pain from years of living an active lifestyle.

Voltaren Emulgel and the Western Sydney Wanderers are here to reduce the grumpiness of George, a die-hard Wanderers fan who wants to live an active lifestyle, but is constantly suffering from the Grumps as he ignores his back pain.


Roll the credits.
Client: GSK Voltaren
Brand Managers: James Meins,  Lilien Chen
Creative Director: Zak Kaczmarek
Producer: Isabelle Seeto
Production Company: Chisel
Creative, Writer & Director: Nick Snelling & Zak Kaczmarek
Executive Producer: Pat Sidoti
DP: Don Buppapriak
Producer: Lucinda Hayden
Gaffer: Matt Willis
Edit, Post & Colour Grade: Chisel

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