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With the disruption to the way in which musicians, visual artists, and other thought leaders are allowed to show work, give talks, or perform this year we’ve decided to share some of their stories with you. This film is an introduction to the work and methods of Sydney based visual artist Victoria Hempstead.

Hempstead’s materials and processes play heavily in the dialogue of her pieces. Allowing them – whether metal, wood, paper, or glass – to map their own path. Her approach to these solid materials, which are mostly seen as indestructible, rigid, and unbreakable, is to de-compose and subvert their structures. Her recent practice uses naturally-made liquid solutions to break and strip back the strength of the steel, to reveal a new, continuously changing texture. The surface of these works mimics the peeling, shedding, and aging qualities of the skin, giving the work a subtle sensitivity and vulnerability. This vulnerability further highlighting the material’s opposing state of in-permanence and solidity.

Directed, produced, edited & shot by Peter Danks.
Drone Operator: Ben Sanford

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