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Football is for everyone.

We were tasked with the incredible opportunity to create a powerful, energetic, and authentic brand film for Football Federation Australia. Through a very organic lens, we created a film representative of all women and non-binary people in football. The film grew to become a visual manifesto that reinforced people’s love of football, re-discover the benefits of football, or found football for the first time. The piece had the ultimate call to action that the time to play football is now regardless of ability, body type, sexual orientation, gender identity, or cultural background. We sought to throw stereotypes and expectations out of the window, bringing to light this beautiful culture’s nuances.

Play Unstoppable

In partnership with LEGO, Our Game’s Play Unstoppable Series highlights the grassroots stories of football players, administrators, and teams across Australia. The aim of the series is to amplify unique stories within the Australian football community, shaping the legacy of this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, and push for greater representation of women from all walks of life.

Our Game Launch Film

Client: Football Federation Australia

Creative Agency: Chisel

Producer: Elsie Moult

Creative/Director: Emily Mays

Director of Photography: Peter Danks

Editor: Benjamin Bowles

Colourist: Alina Bermingham

Sound Design: Jesse Tachibana

1ACs: Lisa Cushing & Sky Dominic


Play Unstoppable Series

Client: LEGO & Football Federation Australia

Creative Agency: Chisel

Senior Producer: Emma Whitehouse

Producer: Grace Hawkins

Production Assistant: Nidhi Daithankar

Creative/Director: Emily Mays

Director of Photography/Colourist: Peter Danks

1ACs: James Campbell, Sky Dominic & Louis Lau

Sound Recordists: Luke Fuller, Adam Roberts & Shaun O’Brien

Editor: Benjamin Bowles

Sound Design: Klang


Special thanks Angelica Georgopoulos, Assmaah Helal, Sam Lewis,
Annabel Martin & Edge Hill United Football Club.

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