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Cool brand, incredible product & amazing value but not enough people know us!

Let’s leverage off other Aussie brands who speak our language and have a bit of fun with them.

MATE has mobile and internet for literally anyone and everyone, super deals, and all Aussie local based customer service! At MATE we believe whoever you are, whatever you do we wanna be mates with you. You know we’ve all got that mate who’s got a specific hobby, weird or niche interests and throws all their spare cash into it. It’s super important to them and MATE really cares. No matter what it is … fancy coffee, jewelry for your poodle, fluffy slippers or hipster hand sanitizer. With a MATE internet & mobile bundle, you can save $10 a month, that’s more cash to spend on you and your favourite things. #savewithmate

The kicker is that with this extra pocket money we can shop locally and support other Aussie businesses too. #keepitlocal. For MATE it means we can leverage off other Aussie businesses, with a larger social following. One of MATE’s greatest USPs is that it is local and family-run and is a bit tongue in cheek. There’s no harm in having a bit of banter with our mates! In the first series of videos, we had a bunch of cool brands interested in partnering including national brands Third Drawer Down, Budgy Smugglers, and DOGUE.

Deliverables included
Creative Platform
2 x 30″ Hero Films
7 x 15″ Films
14 x Instagram Stories
14 x Social Edits for Facebook
Social Copy Matrix

Roll the credits.
Client: mate.
Brand Managers: Dom O’Brien, Mark Fazio & Ross Catanzariti
Creative & Strategy: Chisel
Creative Directors: Zak Kaczmarek & Pat Sidoti
Art Director: Mike Witcombe
Producer & Strategist: Jessica Campbell
Production Company: Chisel
Written & Directed by Zak Kaczmarek & Pat Sidoti
Executive Producer: Steve Castrisos
DP: George Tyler
1AC: Sky Dominic
Producer: Isabelle Seeto
Art Department: Ashley Marcos
Production Unit: Mat Witthar
Gaffer: Matt Willis
Edit, Post & Colour Grade: Chisel
Sound Design: Dec Diacono
PR: The Atticism


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