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How do we build an audience for our new mate?

We know there are loads of different types of mates and they all have certain traits. It’s time to start tagging them and dobbing them into MATE for a laugh. So we asked people to #tagamate.

“Tag a mate with a great tattoo.” “Tag a mate who thinks they’re an influencer.”

We also linked #tagamate back to MATE’s customer acquisition promotion & competition for new customers via paid posts and a targeted approach.

“Tag a mate who you would split $25k with.”

We introduced this social and shareable communication campaign through posts on owned media channels that ask for participation and share-ability.  MATE may even step in at some point to lend a hand or help our mates break some bad habits. Some are innocuous, fun, and meant for nothing but share-ability, and laughing with at our friends.
Others speak more directly to the service MATE provides. Fast internet and great mobile.

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